Saturday, November 7, 2009

Next!!!!!! step two and three

after freeing up some time and money, you'll realize this is harmless and maybe I am better off at least with having some extra time and money. be wise about your entertainment dollar, and your entertainment time, while cheap, TV sucks away vast amounts of time as an entertainment source, you conclude true after realizing the vast amount of real commitment it is taking up.

2- take up some type of cause, this does not have to be serious, the interaction is what's best. make sure you join a group, and attend some type of meetings, don't just give money, its self unrewarding.

3- plant some type of garden, even if you have window, you can container garden. this could also mean planting some fruit or nut trees, whatever is your favorite and is commensurate with your gardening skill level and the amount of time you want to spend initially. food independence is very nice for several reasons, but also taking up a hobby where you can make clothes, or provide something of use value is key

After a bit now you should have some really good things going, you are not stressed by being bombarded with noise entertainment-media, you will have a little more money and spare time. In this spare time you can feel good about actually learning stuff that is self rewarding through both your own hobby, and social interaction. Your participation in 2 and 3 will become perpetually rewarding as many minor achievements happily perpetuate themselves into larger things to be proud of and so on.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

If you find yourself wanting to scream "PLEASE HELP" but don't know who to trust start with this!!!

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First we must fix your mind!
to not interfere with your normal american life, start with these changes

there easy, trust me they'll feel like you are changing nothing when you are actually changing everything

1) find a credit union, look at the rates they offer, I guarantee they pay you little bits more than your bank. See, credit unions are non-profit, no big whig is buying a new BMW on the money you've parked in his bank. The extra money credit unions make has only one place to go, either back to the community or shared equally among you and everyone else like you in this credit union. My local credit union has a special savings account that pays almost 5%, by the way if your not a saver, the overdraft fee per incident is only 3$, yes let me spell it out, three dollars and no cents. With online bill pay, and all that other stuff, you won't know you changed.
moral of the story
in capitalism he who has capital controls everything, banks let bankers and investors make the rules of our productive lives because they have our money, at credit unions we as members share a responsibility to ourselves and functionally trade our money with people we know in our area like us

2)Save yourself some money and cancel the dish or cable television, major metro newspaper, space radio (XM) or whatever,
most of what you watch anyway is probably available online or now on digital TV.
*renting movies can be free at your local library
*tv is free on the internet
*your major papers just reprint the news that is first on the internet
most of what you watch and see is commercials (this is also true of radio. listening)
tune out the constant noise
choice public radio, PBS, and the like

3) go to and get rid of credit card offers, and the ensuing and overwhelming amounts of catalogs and junk mail,
your mailbox is your space, if your on a no-call list, why would you not be on a no junk mail list
(by the way, get yourself on the no-call home & cell phone list)

start with this